Meet Roz Harris, of Chic’d Out Designs.

Born in the Magnolia State and raised in Utah, this super stylish go-getter came back to the Magnolia State and has developed a booming Mississippi jewelry design business. Her pieces are in-demand with boutiques all over the state. She also offers online sales direct to the customer. We caught up with Roz to ask her about her inspiration and style.

Hip in the ’Sip: When did you begin designing jewelry as a business venture?
Roz Harris: I started off as a hobby but decided to turn this hobby into a full fledged business in 2018.
HITS: What brought you back to Mississippi from Utah?
RH: I was born in Mississippi but my mom moved to Utah when I was 5 and I was raised there. When I turned 26 I moved to back Mississippi in search of a husband.
HITS: How did you learn/develop your craft?
RH: I learned my craft from lots of trial and error. I studied, researched, and took chances by playing with tons of material.
HITS: What inspires your style and choice of materials?
RH: Everything inspires my style. Shapes, textures, words, people, and nature. I choose my material based on whether it can be reshaped, cut, painted, folded, molded, etc.
HITS: What advice would you give other creators or artisans who are developing their craft as a business?
RH: Develop your style then reinvent it into your brand. Always be inspired and never be a copier. Educate yourself by following those who are successful designers. Test your product before you list it. Take good clear photos that aren’t edited or filtered. Reach out to other designers who inspire you to get some advice.
HITS: Do you have any favorite tip (or tips) when it comes to choosing/styling jewelry with an outfit?
RH: My best tip I can give on wearing my jewelry is: Simple outfit, bold jewelry; Bold outfit, simple jewelry.
HITS: Where can shoppers find your fabulous jewelry?
RH: You can always shop 24/7 on my website at, or in-store at lots of boutiques throughout Mississippi.

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