The Source, a BankPlus network for women in business has been dropping truth bombs from some impressive “leading ladies” of BankPlus. During the summer weeks, #fifteenfridays has offered valuable quotes to help encourage and empower women to achieve balance, goals, and success. We have gathered each week’s inspiring quotes here in one post in hopes that they inspire you the way they inspired us. Check out these 15 gems to remember!
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If you’re trying to make everyone happy, you’re not doing your job correctly.

Grace Ellis

Vice President Business Development & Social Media Manager, BankPlus

You don’t have to be in a leadership position to lead. Actively seek ways to contribute to your organization’s growth in unexpected ways. People will take notice.

Abigail Wimberley

Credit Administration Specialist, BankPlus

As a woman in the workforce, it is important for me to find balance within my day-to-day routine. I have discovered that balance is not what you seek, it is simply designed.

Jessica M. Houston

Customer Relationship Manager - Private Clients, BankPlus

Building and cultivating relationships in your community is so important. Go the extra mile for them, and they’ll go the extra mile for you.

Katy Barrett

Vice President Community Marketing Specialist, BankPlus

I carry a small notebook with me, and when I hit an important milestone or accomplish something big, I take a few minutes to journal about it. Not only is this an extremely helpful resource to have on hand during performance reviews, but it also serves as a personal motivational tool.

Hillary Hippert

Trust Officer, BankPlus

I believe not all things that happen to us are a result of something we did, but sometimes we get caught up in the ripple of someone else’s lesson. When I look at it that way, it gives me a sense of relief, and I can tackle whatever issue is in front of me with more focus.

Cathy Brooks

Assistant Vice President | DeSoto County, BankPlus

When asked a question, remember you don’t have to answer immediately. Give yourself a moment to craft an educated response. You only have one voice. Use it responsibly.

Desiree Martin Bernardo

Talent Acquisition Specialist, BankPlus

Embracing our thoughts, anchoring our mindset, and visualizing success all direct a more conscious, positive lifestyle and work life.

Kayla Baxter

Customer Relationship Manager, BankPlus

I have learned the best way possible to manage time at workd is to prioritize, break down tasks, set up a routine, and stick to it, and block distractions. This will help with day-to-day tasks and to keep up with things you may need to follow up on.

Felisha Granderson

Senior Lending Assistant | Private Client, BankPlus

Women juggle multiple responsibilities on a day-to-day basis. We need to stay connected with friends and coworkers to seek out inspiration and opportunities to inspire.

Lori Chester

First Vice President & HR Compliance Manager, BankPlus

People who invest in themselves, personally or professionally, go further. Aim high and strive to be your very best.

Jamie Waltman Lake

Assistant Vice President | Madison, BankPlus

Never miss an opportunity to thank someone for doing a great job. Whether it’s completing a difficult task, providing excellent service, or doing little things no one else may see, show gratitude.

Katie Torrence

Vice President | Madison, BankPlus

When you are busy and calls from customers or employees are coming in at a steady pace, stop and breathe before you answer that next call. Yes, you may have a thousand important things going on, but that person calling you is important too. Remember to be kind and treat the person you are speaking to with respect.

Christy Holt

Banking Center Liaison, BankPlus

It’s so easy to get carried away by the currents of our everyday tasks: being a boss at work, tending to family needs, or making time for self-care. When you find yourself drifting away from your goals, take a beat and refocus.

Keauna Toatley

Assistant Vice President & Learning and Development Specialist, BankPlus

When you see people who are always positive and upbeat, know they make a conscious decision to be positive. No matter what may be going on in their lives, they choose positivity. Being positive requires daily work just like everything else. Choose joy, choose positivity…be happy.

Cathy Brooks

Assistant Vice President | DeSoto County, BankPlus

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